Clear the Concepts

RAH brings clarity to the concepts right from the start. Your child becomes ready for any surprise or planned tests.

Practice for Perfection

Perfection leads to becoming masters and then leaders. We help your child become the mastermind of the future.

Support for Parents

Our worksheets are blessings for the parents. No more handmade worksheets and Google search- we’ve got everything covered.

RAH to becoming Champions

We are an EduTech startup, pioneered by a working mother who understands the pain of today’s parents. With a strong concern and commitment, RAH helps your child to prepare and score good marks in School as well as Olympiad exams. The founders of RAH consists of more than 35 years of collective experience in the education industry.


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Why Choose RAH?

Revise at Home focuses on making your child enjoy learning and practicing independently.

Encourage Practice

Our worksheets engage your child and encourage them to practice more.

Bye Bye to Tuitions

With RAH workbooks, your child does not require tuition at any stage.

No More Searching

We provide enough practice sheets that your child doesn’t need additional worksheets.

Cultivate New Skills

RAH worksheets build your child’s problem-solving and computational skills.

Prepare for Olympiad

Olympiad exam practice makes your child proactive, and competitive from the beginning.

Face the Fear

With enough practice, your child becomes confident and fearless for exams.

What Parents Say

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Revise at Home

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